Hallucinogenic Effects the Key to Universal Love

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By Andy T

Hallucinogenic effects

Scientists are fascinated at the similarities between hallucinogenic experiences and profound revelations that have come from mystics and meditative grandmasters throughout the ages.

Retired clinical psychologist, Clark Martin, is well versed in modern approaches to depression. However, after anti-depressants failed to help him overcome cancer, Dr Martin tried an experiment at John Hopkins Medical School, involving psilocybin, the cerebral stimulant found in mushrooms.

Whilst listening to classical music throughout the colourful ordeal, Dr Martin reported “everything started to evaporate”, which lead to the most profound experience he has felt throughout life’s journey to date.

Similarly, neural imaging studies, conducted by Swiss scientists and Dr Roland Griffiths, professor of behavioural biology, have revealed unmistakable similarities between so called enlightened and psychedelic experiences.

During a psilocybin induced journey, Dr Griffiths has said he felt his ego and body vanishing, taking his worries and insecurities along with it. He says, rather than trying to control things, he could see “the really good things in life will happen if you just show up and share your natural enthusiasms with people”.

In a geographically lateral investigation, the Amazonian Universal Love Symbol Association (AULSA) have exclaimed the human brain is hardwired into one big universal consciousness, which is accessible from just below the surface.

CEO of AULSA, Wilbur Tingle, believes that breaking this surface is possible through psychotropic drug experiences, as he says, “we are about to discover that universal love is just around the corner”.

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