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Freak Thunderbolt Kills Over 300 Reindeer in Norway

In perhaps the most frightening display of caribou collapse to date, 323 unsuspecting reindeer were fatally struck by lightning on the mountain plateau of Hardangervidda ...

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Inky the Octopus Legs it From Aquarium

In a well executed escape, Inky the octopus has done a runner from the National Aquarium in New Zealand. A lovable rogue of a cephalopod, ...

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Robotic Rembrandt Unveiled in Amsterdam

Recently an amazing image was unveiled in Amsterdam. The ‘painting’, which was created by data analysts and computer geeks, is titled “the next Rembrandt”. It ...

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Alcohol Lessons for Adolescence

In the Italian parliament this week a bill was proposed and a plan debated. This could be a news story in itself considering the reputation ...

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Artificial Intelligence Insults All

Artificial Intelligence (AI) – two words humans have yet to fully comprehend, especially when put together. Although now more than ever AI and its role ...

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Starbucks – The Expresso Fights Back

A big barristic brouhaha is brewing in Italy, Europe’s spiritual home of coffee. The American company Starbucks is set to go boldly where no US ...

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