37-Million-Year-Old Whale Stranded at Cairo Airport

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By Andy T

Whale stranded

One of the world’s most frenzied transport hubs has displayed astonishing disrespect to the elderly by slapping a $40,000 plus fee on a prehistoric fish trying to re-enter Egypt.

Fossilised remains of the world’s only complete Basilosaurus skeleton, dating to the Eocene period, are currently stranded at Cairo International Airport (CIA) following the customs dispute.

The bony whopper is returning home to Egypt for display after being unearthed in the remote ‘Valley of the Whales’ region and taken to the US for repairs several years ago.

Importers of the whale are refusing to pay the fee, while stupefied scientists say the rare and ancient beast, which provides “a remarkable insight into evolution”, is currently in danger of being crumbled like a scotch biscuit.

Dr Philip Gingerich, one of the world’s foremost experts in ancient mammalian investigations, has joked it took two-and-a-half years to get the beast out, and will probably take the same to get the thing back in.

While Biff Crinkle, from the Airport Mystery Investigation Squad (AMIS), is slightly more concerned over the matter. He says the airport is represented by a highly suspicious acronym, and that money disguised as import duty is likely being laundered to fund the notoriously outrageous Christmas parties held there every year.

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  1. C’mon Biff, last year was the lamest party ever! Had you not shown up in that mini skirt with those dubious cookies, it would’ve been a complete farce! By the way I still owe you a groat..


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