World’s Tallest Cake Crumbles Under Parisian Heatwave

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By Andy T

Tallest cake

In a cavalier attempt to shatter the Guinness Book of World Records, obsessed Parisian pastry chefs have tried their hand at the world’s tallest cake.

For its construction, Chef Gilles Stassart and architect Jean Bocabeille gathered a crack team of pastry chefs, engineers, architects and artistic specialists in an attempt to thicken the icing of French bravado.

This mammoth pastry monster was unveiled at the Cite de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine in Paris and was supposed to last four days.

The tower contained 628 kilos of flour, 508 kilos of sugar, 350 eggs and 18 kilos of butter, to stand at a height of 7.82 metres. Thirty degree heat, however, got the better of it, with one onlooker remarking the cake was starting to resemble the Tower of Pisa.

After the sun’s final blow, the Tour sans Faim (Tower without Hunger) was dismantled and turned into fertilizer, after which Pastry lovers around the world were purportedly in shambles. In Paris, mortified round French women were spotted fleeing from the scene in droves.

Dr Ernest Scoff, from the World Cake Misplacement Society (WCMS), has called the event a “disgusting misuse of eggs, butter and flour that could have been, at the very least, catapulted into areas of greater need”.

For the mournful cake lover, however, all is not lost, as huge slabs of the fallen tower will be available for gorging at the architecture centre until Sunday.

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