Japanese Robots to Link The Sun and Moon to Save Mankind

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By Andy T

Japanese robotsWith the devastation inflicted on Japan and its Fukushima reactor earlier this year, confidence in nuclear energy has taken a tumble worldwide. And with Germany recently withdrawing all support for nuclear power, Japan has decided it’s high time for some crafty innovation.

Innovate they have, for in a move suggestive of a colossal science fiction space adventure, Japanese scientists plan to use robots to turn the moon into a gigantic ‘mirrorball’, reflecting the sun’s rays towards Earth to provide “unlimited use of clean energy for mankind”.

The plan, set to be undertaken by construction giant Shimizu Corporation, is to install an 11,000 kilometre long band of mirrors that will be stretched around the light side of the moon’s equator.

This band would also measure 400 kilometres in width, while a 19 kilometre wide antenna would harness and transmit approximately 13,000 terawatts of continuous solar power to receiving stations on Earth, via either laser or microwaves.

The project, labelled the ‘Luna Ring‘, is set to be the biggest public infrastructure project ever undertaken. It would also require astronauts to work alongside the robots, as construction of a railway system is needed to convey materials for maintenance around various sections of the moon.

While the Shimizu Corporation has labelled its endeavour a step towards “the infinite coexistence of mankind and the Earth”, Dr Eddie Tidewater is calling it a load of ‘bombastic space flapdoodle’, that is likely to be the final sword in the heart of the Japanese economy.

He says if the 19 kilometre wide antenna is even slightly knocked, 13,000 terawatts of energy could end up in the ocean, causing a humongous spa bath that would trigger an ecological disaster, as well as a worldwide land exodus, of biblical proportions.

3 thoughts on “Japanese Robots to Link The Sun and Moon to Save Mankind”

  1. I think Eddie is correct, what a huge turd of an idea! Maybe the Japanese should engineer a few breakwalls instead. Perhaps they could make an oragami dildo to help stimulate their totally shite economy which is not helping world economic growth one iota. Have not seen many Japs on the moon in recent decades, so how are they going to work eat and shit up there….they must have finally eaten one to many whale blubber sandwhiches.

  2. Dear Mr Nipple,

    While I see your point, this being “a huge turd of an idea”, I have to applaud the probing of the Japanese here. However, yes, apart from the obvious problem of funding the cause, no evidence has been presented on the possible adverse effects of bulk micro or laser waves penetrating the ozone layer or Earth’s atmosphere. This could be a monumental disaster.

    But then, we are already on the brink of one, so why not take the risk?!

    Yours, for better or for worse, Andy Tope (Editor in Chief).


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