CERN Experiment One Step Closer to Cosmos Origins

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By Andy T

CERN experiment

One hundred meters below the earth’s surface on the Franco-Swiss border, scientists have been engaged in arguably the most colossal scientific experiment the earth has ever seen.

The $10.2 billion project aims to discover the origins of the universe derived from the Big Bang, by recreating conditions of the 13.7 billion year old scenario using a high powered collision of sub-atomic particles.

Physicists at the European Centre for Nuclear Research (CERN) created a record in their attempt, with energy in the collision reaching 7 billion billion electron volts, and the particles moving at a fraction slower than the speed of light.

Scientists are popping expensive bubbly after the event, which they say has taken them a step closer towards deciphering the mysteries of the universe. The experiment is expected to reveal further invaluable information throughout the coming months.

German physicist at CERN, Oliver Buchmueller, believes the project will reveal evidence of “dark material”, which purportedly takes up around 25% of the universe’s matter. There are many scientists, however, that believe the mini black holes the project looks likely to produce will indubitably swallow up the earth.

Other perspectives on the event came from the Esoteric Underground Scientist’s Unit (EUSU), who claimed the effect produced was similar to that of 4,700 billion billion cars backfiring, which was well worth popping a spot of good bubbly for.

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