Barbie Dolls Accused of Rainforest Destruction

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By Andy T

Rainforest destructionIn a boldfaced, blustering campaign for rainforest protection, members of renown environmental NGO Greenpeace have taken to abseiling in one of the world’s largest cities, dressed in iconic toy fashion apparel.

Activists masquerading as Ken dolls abseiled down the side of Mattel’s LA headquarters, the manufacturer of Barbie products, after claiming the company directly contributes to the destruction of Indonesian rainforests and wildlife.

In front of a crowd of amused citizens, the abseilers unfurled a giant pink and blue banner featuring a disgruntled Ken, which read “Barbie, it’s over, I don’t date girls that are into deforestation”.

The madcap Toy Story-esque endeavour transpired after Greenpeace accused Mattel of wrapping its dolls in packaging containing timber from Asia Pulp Paper (APP), a company notorious for its contribution to the destruction of Indonesian forests.

Greenpeace Indonesian forest campaigner, Bustar Maitar, says that Barbie destroys natural forests while pushing endangered species, such as the tiger, to the brink of extinction.

APP has said it is “shocked” by the allegations, while Mattel has written to Greenpeace saying it ‘generally’ uses sustainably harvested materials. However, Greenpeace Executive Director Phil Radford has responded by saying “Mattel’s policy is so weak that even Ken could punch a hole in it”.

Radford continues, in what some have interpreted as a shamefully lewd remark, by saying “Sumatran tigers, elephants and orangutans are being pushed to the brink of extinction because Mattel simply isn’t interested in the origins of Barbie’s pink box.”

Unsurprisingly, Sandra Pickle, from the Society Silencing Sexism (SSS), has lashed out at this latest remark, calling it a shameful display of misogynist malarky. She says not only does Greenpeace seem to be implying that Ken, also a Mattel product, is acquitted of any wrongdoing, but that Mattel should suddenly take a keen interest in the area beneath Barbie’s frilly knickers.

2 thoughts on “Barbie Dolls Accused of Rainforest Destruction”

  1. Shame on all concerned….But you must forgive Barbie, she is a dumb blonde who doesn’t ever wear knickers, particularly when getting out of cars in front of the paparazzi. I love barbie, but I would be happier if her box was made from recycled timber. Mmmmm that is a nice thought.
    Keep up the good work,
    Sidney Risk.

  2. Sidney,

    Barbie may not contain much quality upstairs, or downstairs, however she should not be left to counter the flames of justice without her equally culpable boofhead accomplice, Ken.

    Editor in Chief.


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