The Children of Technology – A New Species

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By Andy T

Children of technology

From the chimpanzee, to Homo sapiens neanderthalensis and eventually the Homo sapien, the human species has undergone a number of changes to adapt to a constantly evolving lifestyle.

However, now, it appears, the pace is quickening, as a recent school’s survey of more than 8000 students has revealed that since 2004, a student’s ability to perform basic physical skills such as jumping and throwing a ball has rapidly declined.

Furthermore, the NSW Schools Physical Activity and Nutrition Survey found 90% of year 10 boys and 80% of year 10 girl students spend way too much time in front of a TV or computer.

Could the stage be set for a new species, the brittle bodied, hefty headed Homo technologicus, a top heavy couch dweller that seeks life in virtual worlds?

The University of Sydney’s Dr Hardy seems to think so, saying the problem lies with many people being unaware of the recommended maximum of two hours recreational screen use per day, and only at night time.

Moreover, she says it’s “appalling” that less than 10% of girls in year 4 and 6 could throw a ball overarm correctly. She adds, “for at least 60 minutes every single day kids need to be doing a bit of huffing and puffing”.

All good and well, but with an explosion in keyboard-slapping and remote control-tapping, and a decline in good old muscular mischief-making, any huffing and puffing looks set to be experienced vicariously.

Rodriguez Lambusk, from the Mexican Esoteric Anthropology Terminal (MEAT), says the rapid rise of Homo technologicus is represented in the large crystal skulls. He says it is written that come December 22nd, 2012, the species will become so top heavy it will fall to the ground. And from there, things will look a little different.

5 thoughts on “The Children of Technology – A New Species”

  1. I work with a 23 year old guy who thinks it’s normal to watch a TV show & play a computergame. Surely we are breeding a species that can be multi functional with digital technologies?

    • ..that is watch a tv show & play a computer game at the same time..

      the gen y’s were born with digital technologies – the rest of us saw the advent of it so seem a little slower to multi task with it.

  2. Dear Mr Fox,
    You will be pleased to know that I have combined the use of the internet with some ‘huffing and puffing’ and my hand/eye connection is doing well to, I even have a web cam so you can view my techniques, it is not for the faint hearted though.
    Your findly, Fhil

  3. Fhil,

    I feel your approach may indeed be the answer. A bit like harm minimisation for drug users.

    Thank you, you have more than made up for your foolish name.



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