Romanian Government Threatened by Witchcraft

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By Andy T

Romanian Government witchcraftIn a desperate bid to dispel the dark cloud of recession, the Romanian Government has declared witchcraft a legal profession in order to curb tax evading witches who cast spells for cash-in-hand.

The move has outraged the witches of Bucharest, sparking a ring of neo-pagan protests.

One witch named Bratara has threatened to “create discord” within the government by casting a spell made from yeast and black pepper, which has further horrified the chefs of Romania operating on already scant rations.

The move to tighten the witches’ working pay was given the governmental go-ahead after months of protests by witches and ridicule by the media.

Among those joining the country’s newest tax payers are astrologers, embalmers and valets – all who stand united in a chorus of disgust over what they describe as a “breach on their underclass liberty“. Not all, however, have greeted the move with such acid tongues.

Dudley Stingrocket, CEO of Bucharest’s Unemployment and Matriculation Services (BUMS), has said the unemployed are delighted at the formal recognition of witchcraft. He says many are giddy at the prospect of applying for positions in the dark arts, where one could claim ‘spell tax’ on alley filth such as bat’s blood and toe clippings.

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  1. This is classic Foxman!

    It is amazing to think that in the 17th century we were burning “Witches” at the stake and now in the 21st century we are taxing them!!

    Is this progressive government??


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