Icelandic Knitters Create 17-Kilometre Long Scarf

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By Andy T

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From a country that thrived without beer until 1989, to one voted fourth happiest in the world by Business Week in 2009, Iceland, it appears, is a land full of love.

In an undeniable display of hamlet affection, Icelandic knitters have combined to forge a 17-kilometre long scarf, connecting the regional villages of Ólafsfjörður and Siglufjörður in warm celebration of a new tunnel opening between the towns.

The enterprise was launched by visionary Icelandic yarn spinner, Frída Björk Gylfadóttir, who became inspired by her grandmother’s 1950’s hat shop.

After moving to the country, Gylfadóttir was engulfed by a “new and greater energy”, which propelled her into arguably the most notorious knitting frenzy the world has seen to date.

As word spread of the event, over 500 regional knitters eagerly joined the campaign, with knitting enthusiasts ranging from all ages, the youngest being a ten year old boy, to the oldest – a 94 year old great grandmother.

Once this lavishly lanky garment is complete, regional snippers are set to portion it into smaller lengths before sending it off to various charities.

The wool, Gylfadóttir explains, has come from producer Ístex, at a discounted rate, as well as from the arctic knitters who are proficient in using scrap yarn.

Countries such as Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Germany, Denmark and the US have also given financial contributions to the cause.

While the success of Frída and her Icelandic knitters has been attributed to a strong sense of community love, others thank the nation’s relatively short history with alcohol. For roughly 2000 kilometres to the south-east, other well known knitting organisations appear to be floundering in an alcoholic stupor.

Craig Carruthers, from the established English knitting society, I Knit London (IKL), is encouraging knitters to practice their craft in its fully licensed bar for a “drunken experience”. And with the group hosting activities such as “bingo themed” treasure hunts, it appears that saving the world with love, via knitting, is best done sober.

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  1. Apparently giraffes housed in various northern hemisphere zoo’s have been given first dibs on these wooly devices…with several hundred long cold necks to warm this coming winter many african animals lovers will finally breathe easy…


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