Huge Subterranean ‘River’ Found 4km Beneath the Amazon

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By Andy T

Subterranean riverThe Amazon is seen by many as a far removed place, almost mythical in stature. Besides containing the largest and most biologically diverse rainforest in the world, its mighty river is of legendary status.

Pumping out more volume of water than the world’s seven greatest rivers combined, the power of the Amazon River is unrivalled. In fact, the whole place is like an unearthly kingdom teeming with mystery.

Just recently, a little more of this mystery was revealed, as two ‘scientific ostriches’ stuck their heads down deep abandoned oil wells scattered throughout the Amazon Basin. Two hundred and forty one of them in fact.

Professor Valiya Hamza and professor Elizabeth Tavares Pimentel, from the Department of Geophysics at Brazil’s National Observatory, used temperature data from the wells released by oil company Petrobas during the 1980’s.

They related temperature variations to water movement using a mathematical model, and conferred the existence of an enormous underground ‘river’ located four kilometres below the Amazon.

Named the ‘Rio Hamza’ after the lead research professor, the river is estimated to be 6,000 kilometres long (equal to the Amazon) and 200km to 400 km wide, hundreds of times wider than the Amazon River, the widest known river on Earth.

However, while the Amazon River is known to discharge 133,000m3 of water per second, and flow at speeds up to five metres per second, the Hamza is thought to release only 3,900m3 of water per second and trickle at speeds of less than a millimetre an hour.

Thus scientist have called into question whether the Hamza is really a river at all, but rather one enormous underground lake. A bit like the Amazon’s more buxom, slothful relative, inching its way through the darkness below.

However, professor Andes Anderson, of the Esoteric Anthropology Association (EAA), says the ‘Hamza’ is no new discovery. He says arcane civilisations have long used its network to make communion with the Earth, and to move between impenetrable parts of the forest.

Furthermore, it’s no accident the water was found now, as it is written. And so begins the story ‘encima la tierra’ (above the Earth), which will steer humanity towards its inevitable fate at next year’s end.

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  1. Aloha Andy, yes our secret river, secret no more! I send you this
    ancient verse to quench your thirst for answers to the mystery, love larni

    the amazon river underneath
    is sort of a tiny sheath
    its muddy and slow
    it goes with the flow
    it waters our lovely heath.


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